Games, Gore and Governance in VR

Live from Newspeak House


Cybersalon Christmas Event 6th December 2022

Can immersive games teach us self-governance and better democracy for human tribes?

Cybersalon will again present across 3 attended spaces

  • Newspeak House - the physical venue

  • 39 Whitfield Street - Cybersalon’s new VR meta-space in AltSpaceVR

  • Zoom - a digital VIP box

Sharing into Zoom the digital and physical audience will see into the VR meta-space and using the web projector element in AltSpace the VR audience will see the physical space at Newspeak.

Cybersalon's 39 Whitfield Street world in AltSpace is a faithful reconstruction of Cybersalon's first bricks and mortar Cyber Cafe “Cyberia” which opened at 39 Whitfield Street in Central London in 1994. (check it out on wikipedia)

Exhibiting Guest Artist @39WhitfieldStreet is Hallidonto.

Work from his Digital Collage collection providing a glimpse into Cyborgia in the main square and Biomorphism 1-1 inside Cyberia. Join us to see the work up close and watch the live stream from Newspeak House in London.

Order of Events

  • 6.00 - AltSpace is open

  • 6.15 - Zoom VIP lounge opens, Web projector in 39 Whitfield Street goes LIVE

  • 6.30 - Physical doors open

  • 7.00 - Welcome

  • 7.05 - Main Event review and share game playing on three virtual worlds that take interactivity and learning to the next level, while not being short on gore and drama.

  • 8.30 - Networking and Conversation

  • 9.00 - Goodnight and Farewell IRL

  • 10.00 - AltSpace Events Ends

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If you wish to not be recorded, simply leave the event. (But we hope you’ll stay!)