Yum’s Yummy Birthday Week - SuperYum Superhero Party


Listen up, listen up! This is gonna be a Yummified week on Altspace, starting from February 5th and going all the way to February 9th. The Flock family invites everyone to come celebrate one of our own, YumYum!

This week is gonna be so packed with fun and excitement I just hope y’all are ready. From the venues to the music, to the energy to the vibes, it’s going to be one for Altspace books that’s for sure.

This party will be the SuperYum Superhero Party. It will be held at Tony Stark’s Avenger Facility. Do I need to say more?! What a way to end the Yummiest birthday week ever. But wait there’s more. The great sounds will come from, DJ Haywire AND Shy, both in the house. So come on out as we celebrate the last night of Yum’s birthday week!