Please join us in social virtual reality to discuss National Health IT Week (Oct. 8-12, #NHITweek on Twitter) themes and upcoming events! If you have a VR headset, great! If not, Oculus Go ($199 on Amazon) is an inexpensive way to join the healthcare virtual reality revolution. Just wanna dip your toes? Download a free Mac or PC client.

Here are the NHIT Week themes. In each case, think about how virtual reality (and social VR) might be useful!

*Supporting Healthcare Transformation: The many ways in which health IT is driving transformation in healthcare delivery including improvements in quality and safety, interoperability, advances in innovation, and patient and consumer activation and engagement.

*Expanding Access to High Quality Healthcare: Use of innovative technologies including telehealth and remote patient monitoring to improve healthcare access, coordination and outcomes.

*Increasing Economic Opportunity: Highlighting the importance of a robust, diverse health IT workforce and health IT’s role in supporting economic growth.

*Making Communities Healthier: The fundamental role health IT plays in supporting population and public health.

Here is a link to NHIT Week events later in the week. Some events are face-to-face local events, but many are virtual events: webinars, tweet chats, etc. You may bump into some of the same folks again and again!

We're looking forward to seeing you!

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