Sci Tech Chat (Science & Technology Chat) in Social VR is a weekly meetup in shared 3D VR worlds custom-made for each conversation. Our goal is to entertain, educate, and enhance taste in the tradition of the grand intellectual salons of yesteryear. From amazing progress in medical science to whimsical drill-downs into potato science and pizza tech, from how do batteries work to the latest archaeological discoveries, from climbing Mount Everest in VR while chatting about climbing tech to floating around inside the International Space Station, meet like-minded people and greet old friends while discussing our infinitely fascinatingly complex science and technology-based civilization! Subscribe to Sci Tech Chat to find out about all of the online social virtual reality events hosted by Chuck Webster, MD, MS (AI), MS (Industrial Engineering), @wareflo on Twitter. Follow me there and let me know you are an Altspacer, and I WILL follow you back!

Past Events