Welcome to the #ActNow Live Virtual Reality Experience in support of the United Nations campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability.

Scan the QR code above or follow the link below to Download the AWorld ActNow APP and learn more about #ActNow: https://aworld.app.link/74AeZ2iHWjb

You are invited to attend our global virtual reality festival featuring monthly events held inside iconic architectual and natural landmarks built by some of the world's top virtual world builders.

Guests will experience a variety of educational events and entertainment experiences that promote diversity and inclusiveness. Once inside our transformational spaces, virtual attendees will be invited to join our global community in taking action for a more sustainable future.

For more information about the #ActNow Live VR Experience please visit us online at www.dreamlandxr.com/actnow-vr

Follow the #ActNow Campaign on social media at the following links:

Twitter: @UN

Facebook: @unitednations

Instagram: @unitednations

Youtube: @unitednations

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