AI.C.U stands for Artistic International Collaborations United.

We are a new music/artistic Discord Community and we present the work of our members in our events.

Our vision as a community ? Instead of competing with eachother, our members help, support, unite and collaborate with eachother to bring out the best in all of us. Instead of depending on 3rd parties, we create our own opportunities and events to show the creativity of our members.

We seek to bring both artists and non-artists together for collaborations, inspirations, and networking.

Are you active in music, photography, acting, painting, writing, worldbuilding etc.? Then you are welcome to join our Discord Community. We don't judge skill level/experience or style. All artists are invited to become a member. From hobbyists/ beginners to professionals. In the community you can share your work, meet fellow artists, and start up member collaborations for new projects.

When more music-artistic Altspacers join our Community, we will also present them in our weekly event on our Web Projector, and in the future you can create alone, or with fellow members your own AI.C.U music-artist events where you can perform/showcase the things that you do.

When you don't do any creative activities, but you enjoy the creations of our members, feel invited to join our Discord Community. In there you will find the links and uploads of our artist members that present their work, so you can get to know them better.