Attend these events in AltspaceVR
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The event will be removed from "Featured Events" immediately before the event begins so mark it as interested (if you're interested) and in app go to your interested events to...

Weight Loss Support Group Meetup
Starts in 3 days
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Mingle and Chill is a weekly event where you get to meet Keegan, your friendly neighborhood bard and Program Owner at AltspaceVR. Hang out with some AltspaceVR team members and...

Mingle and Chill
Starts in 3 days
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A place in which you will be trained to speak, communicate, and even debate effectively. All points of view and speaking experience are welcome. (If you're a Harry Potter fan,...

Gambit's Speaking Academy
Starts in 3 days
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Hear about latest SDK developments, show off your creations.

SDK Developer Meetup NA
Starts in 3 days
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Come join mortality and meditation expert Tom as he leads a Vipassana style guided meditation with imagery related to death and dying. This special meditation is for anyone...

Meditating on Mortality - Track B
Starts in 3 days
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Come join our global LGBTQ weekly meetup that offers support, encouragement, and love from all corners of the world. Join our North American meetup at: (6pm Pacific). If you are...

LGBTQ+ & Friends Meetup NA
Starts in 3 days
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Come and own the stage performing whatever you want, the mic is open! You can sing, recite poetry, play an instrument, perform a reading, practice a speech, talk about your day,...

Open Mic Night
Starts in 3 days
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Hear about latest SDK developments, show off your creations.

SDK Developer Meetup EU
Starts in 4 days
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The long awaited addition of AltspaceVR to the Oculus store is at last upon us. Now take up the Quest and dive into AltspaceVR to connect with other Quest Users. Join Michael...

It’s Quest Time
Starts in 4 days
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Welcome to A Thing In A Place with Don, Stevie, and Maggs where we talk about anything ranging from what we had for breakfast to carrots for fingers. So, come with us on our...

A Thing In A Place
Starts in 4 days
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Come link up with people from around the world as we share mindfulness Monday together with some kick ass Meditation!

EvolVR Meditation with Daniel
Starts in 4 days
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Are you a movie buff? Come see some of latest movie trailers! Coming to a theater/streaming service near you. Thank you for your support and a huge thanks to Mr. Prime for the...

Admit One - Coming Attractions
Starts in 4 days
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Welcome to the VR Church Life Group. Join us for a time of conversation & reflection. Our conversation is open to everyone - whether you believe in God or not. Currently VR...

VR Church Life Group
Starts in 4 days
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This special Meditation session is only possible in VR. We will begin on the surface of the earth and slowly make our way to a (safe!) low earth orbit as we work to shift our...

EvolVR Spaceship Earth Meditation with Jeremy
Starts in 5 days
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Welcome to AltspaceVR! We're delighted you're here, and understand it takes a bit to get the hang of being a digital person. Come ask questions on how to move around, how to...

AltspaceVR 101
Starts in 5 days
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Gender Talks! Got an opinion, question, or curious to know more? Join group conversation about gender, feminism and masculinity in social VR. No trolling will not be tolerated....

Let's Talk about Gender
Starts in 5 days
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Join Michael Forest at the Ravenhall Flight Academy and master the ways of movement and flight through AltspaceVR! We'll take your Altspace related questions and get you...

It's Flight Time
Starts in 5 days
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Hang out with Troy & Matt at The Late Night Barbecue. Grab a beer and a burger, meet new friends, play cool games and relax while you take in the midnight scenery.

Late Night Barbecue
Starts in 5 days
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Mckmuze, (Pronounced Mik-muse) is a Musician, live looper, and VR Performer. Mckmuze has been a songwriter since he was a child. He's mainly known for his 'VR Music Tours'. Most...

Live Music with Mckmuze
Starts in 5 days
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Come enjoy a gentle meditation with long time practitioner Parker V!

Gentle Meditations with Parker V
Starts in 6 days
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Join us for this live DJ session within Electronauts. We are livestreaming on a huge screen so be sure to take some great moves with you! ================================= 4:00...

Electronauts with TheToweler
Starts in 6 days
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A Haunted House built by AltspaceVR users for the community! The 2019 Haunted House theme chosen by community vote is Haunted Woods. Grab a friend and venture through our woods...

VR Haunted House
Starts in 6 days
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Catch up on past and future events and updates going on in AltspaceVR. This will be a weekly event on Saturdays. This is a user created event.

News & Updates by Mark
Starts in 6 days
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Come by for laughs, weird stories, madness and most importantly, fun! A great way to make new friends and get to know the ones you already have. No comedic experience or skill...

Improv Night w/ Stevieboy & Shoseki
Starts in 6 days